Refunds And Cancellation Policy

1) Refund of Fare

1.1 We strive to give you good Service. However, in an exceptional circumstances, if Cityflo is unable to perform any of the Services, Cityflo will refund the money deducted from your Account within fifteen days from the date of booking.

1.2. However, if Cityflo is unable to complete the Service despite best efforts due to natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services related to transportation and other facilities, governmental orders, or other causes that make safe, smooth operation impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe the journey cannot continue, no refund will be offered.

1.3. No refund will be offered in case you are deemed as a No-Show Passenger. You will be considered as a No-Show Passenger if any or all conditions are satisfied:

  1. The driver arrives at the pick up location

  2. The driver waits for at least 1 minute.

Despite such best efforts, if you are unable to board the bus within the prescribed time frame, no refund will be initiated.

2) Cancellation of ride

2.1. Cityflo recognises that plans change. If you no longer need a ride, you may cancel it through the Application atleast ten (10) minutes before the commencement of your trip. Such cancellation will be done at a fee of Rs 20 from the ride fare.

2.2. In case you cancel your booking ten minutes or less before the commencement of the ride, a cancellation fee that is 100% of the ride fare will be applied in order to compensate the operator for time and gas spent. Cancellations of rescheduled rides are non-refundable.

3) Contact us

3.1. If you wish to dispute the way refund policy or the cancellation policy was applied to you, we’re willing to look into it. Please contact us with the following information:

  1. Time and date of the ride.

  2. Name of the operator selected OR Bus code for the ride