Customer guidelines

Dear customer,
Cityflo is a community-driven service. To make commuting pleasant for everyone, a few small gestures can make a huge difference!

Please arrive on time

Kindly arrive at your pickup stop at least 2 minutes before the scheduled time. The bus’s expected arrival time (ETA) is subject to change depending on traffic conditions. Please use the bus tracking feature to track the bus live, and to avoid missing your ride.

Show boarding pass

We request you to show the boarding pass (from the Cityflo app) to the driver while boarding the bus.

Female-preferred seats

Seats located in rows 1 to 4 behind the driver seat are prioritized for female passengers. However, in the event that all other seats are reserved, male passengers are welcome to book these seats as well.

Use aisle seat sliders

We request you to be mindful of your co-passengers’ and your personal space. Using seat sliders present on aisle seats can help create more space and comfort for you and the co-passenger sitting adjacent to you.

Maintain bus hygiene

We request you to refrain from consuming food or beverages during your journey to maintain a pleasant travel environment. Given the bus is a closed space, the smell may cause inconvenience to passengers on your trip and future ones. Should you want to dispose of any litter, paper or masks, etc, please use the dustbin near the bus entrance.

No smoking or drinking

Cityflo buses provide a pleasant space for the comfort and well-being of all passengers. Smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes, or alcohol consumption is, therefore, strictly prohibited onboard.

Use the overhead rack to keep your bag

We request you to keep your bags on the overhead rack for your comfort and to minimize inconvenience to fellow passengers.

Maintain a considerate speaking volume

If you need to make or receive phone calls or listen to audio, please use earphones and keep your voice at a low volume. This will minimize any disturbance to fellow co-passengers and ensure a calm and quiet environment for everyone.

Adhere to designated stops

Ensure you board and alight at designated stops only. Making unscheduled stops can result in traffic disruptions, inconvenience for the driver, and delays in reaching the drop-off points for your fellow passengers.

Remember to collect your belongings

Forgot something on the bus? Our customer support team will be happy to help get it back to you. However, we encourage you to take care of your belongings during your journey. Cityflo is not liable for any misplacements.

We love pets, but not on the bus

To ensure that the bus environment is safe and hygienic for all, we do not allow any pets on the bus, as it might cause an inconvenience to other co-passengers.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Happy commuting!
Team Cityflo