Customer guidelines

Dear customer,
Cityflo is a community-driven service. To make commuting pleasant for everyone, a few small gestures can make a huge difference!

  1. Kindly arrive at your pickup stop at least 2 minutes before the scheduled time. The ETA is subject to change depending on traffic conditions. You can use the bus tracking feature to track the bus live, and avoid missing your ride.
  2. Please show the driver your boarding pass (from your Cityflo app) while boarding the bus.
  3. Rows 1 to 4 behind the driver seat are female-preferred seats. However, if all other seats are booked, males are allowed to book them.
  4. Kindly respect personal boundaries and keep your hands to yourself.
  5. Keep your bags on the overhead rack to minimize inconvenience to fellow passengers.
  6. Ensure you board and de-board at designated stops only. Unscheduled stops cause delays in traffic flow, disturb the driver, and impact drop times for your fellow passengers.
  7. In case you need to take any calls or listen to any audio during your journey, please use earphones and speak softly to minimize any disturbance to others.
  8. Forgot something on the bus? Our customer support team will be happy to help get it back to you. However, we encourage you to take care of your belongings during your journey, we are not liable for any misplacements.

Happy commuting!
Team Cityflo