We’re certified as a safe way to travel.
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Sail Above 

Benz buses to office for Mumbai’s 
professionals. An experience so 
stress-free, 8000+ have switched 
from their cars.

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Let us do the driving

Listen to music, catch-up on 
your Netflix, or simply relax in 
your comfortable seat in an air 
conditioned bus.

your seat

2 hours daily,
for yourself

Doorstep to office

Sleek, Benz buses every 15 min, that 
get you to work as fast as your car.

3 min

Walk to stop


On time arrival

Always in control

Track your bus with accurate ETA 
information, reschedule rides to
fit your flexible schedule in our 
easy to use app.

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Buses to all 
major office hubs

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above all

With professional drivers and a friendly 
support team, get the care that has long
been missing from the transport sector.

With professional 
drivers and a 
friendly support 
team, get the care 
that has long been 
missing from the 
transport sector.

Hear from those who’ve 
made the switch
Ridiculously on time
Appreciate the service and the driver for his smooth, timely driving and courteous manners. Seriously.. your rides are ridiculously on time! 
Keep it up!
Senior Manager
Union bank of India
Safe and secure
As a woman, I feel safe and secure in a Cityflo. The drivers are courteous and very well trained. My co-passengers are so nice. The entire atmosphere is nice and enjoyable.
Majiri Balerao
Vice principal
S. N. D. T. Women's University
Stopped driving
I’ve stopped using my car for the first time in 7 years in Mumbai. You've made life for commuters very, very easy.
Gaurav Arora
Deputy VP
Can do so much with my time
Cityflo has changed my life. I can do so much more on my way — read, rest, finish my work in the evenings. My family is happy that I travel in a safe, secure & hygenic bus everyday.
Tejaswini Massey
Customer Relationship manager
Sunteck Realty Ltd.

We’re making 
cities beautiful

cars taken off 
Mumbai roads
reclaiming their 

time everyday 
CO2 emissions