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Yes, our buses will run the same routes on a fixed schedule every day.
You can recharge your wallet anytime on the app using a Credit/Debit Card or Netbanking. Subsequently, book a ride whenever you please :)

Download the app from this link:

On the app, go to 'My Bookings' and select the booked ride. On clicking 'Track Ride', you can see the exact location of the bus stop on the map. You can also view an image of the bus stop by clicking on the banner at the bottom.
Under 'My Bookings' on the app, you will see a 'Track Ride' option on the selected ride. This will show you the exact location of where the bus has reached, on the map. When the bus approaches, simply flag it down and hop on.
We are adding new routes every week! Please suggest your route on the app and we will inform you when we start your route.
We're working on it! We'll let you know when we start sign-ups for monthly passes.